Painting Solutions

Lee Houchens

1617 Catron Ave Se Albuquerque, Nm 87123
Excellent job! Paint ceiling, crown moulding and walls in one room.

Linda Morton

2827 Prenda De Oro Nw Albuquerque, Nm 87109
They did a fantastic job. They filled holes in the walls, retextured one area that had previously been repaired. One of the rooms had been painted purple and one wall in the living room had been painted a dark color. They covered these areas beautifully with light paint. I hadn't planned on doing the exterior work, but Ricardo made me an offer too good to pass up. I had been quoted 4 days to complete the work, and it was completed on time. I highly recommend this painter! 

Lisa Chavez

9104 Bellehaven Ave Ne Albuquerque, Nm 87112
Mr. Torres and crew came on a Saturday and completed the job that day. He is very professional and detail-oriented; he and his crew worked very hard to finish the job in one day! He was able to match two paint colors very well.. we can't tell the difference. High quality work and professionalism. I will be hiring Mr. Torres again for some additional work.

Lisa Detemple

Po Box 746 Sandia Park, Nm 87047
Ricardo was very prompt in scheduling and providing an estimate. He stayed on the job throughout the day and worked along side his crew. Everyone was extremely professional and courteous. The quality of the paint job was excellent and all of our carpeting and furniture was protected. Ricardo understands customer service. He even offered to hang a large window treatment the next day after the paint dried (we had already done it). We highly recommend their services! 

Lisa Duling

8221 Waverly Dr Nw Albuquerque, Nm 87120
They did an incredible job!!  Ricardo is very professional, his crew is friendly and work diligently.  I added a few areas at the last minute, they called in another painter and work was done promptly.  They have painted other rooms and always do a great job!! 

Lisa Duling

8221 Waverly Dr Nw Albuquerque, Nm 87120
We have used this company before, as always they are on time, and do a WONDERFUL job!  They are very  courteous, and professional.   I highly recommend them.

Lisa Duling

8221 Waverly Dr Nw Albuquerque, Nm 87120
They did a great job!!  Arrived right on time, their work was exceptional and they did little extras.  They removed our big bathroom mirror, light fixtures, filled holes.  It all looked great, and they were done in a timely manor. 

Lissa Hart

8007 Wagon Mound Drive Nw Albuquerque, Nm 87120
EXCELLENT!! The best $199.00 I've spent in a very long time! I purchased the super deal of 8 hours of painting for $199.00. I have to admit that when I first called to schedule, the conversation I had with Ricardo was lacking what I had expected. Part of the reason, I believe, is because Ricardo was on a cell phone and the connection wasn't the best. It left me feeling a little nervous. The rest of our communication was by text. Once my painter, Alvaro, arrived and got to work, any nervousness I had went out the window. Alvaro was very pleasant, very clean, very careful, very professional, very awesome!! He made painting look easy. He taped off and covered everything that needed protected. He worked carefully but was amazingly quick. He accomplished much more than I expected him to. I have another room I'll be ready to have painted sometime in the near future and will definitely be calling to have Alvaro back out to do that job!

Liz Hanna

20 San Juan Trail Corrales, Nm 87048
Ricardo showed up at the agreed time with 2 other painters. They completed the job in the 3 days that he specified. They were extremely detailed, professional and did an excellent job. We were just moving in, and Ricardo loaned us a few tools that we needed for projects, and repaired unseen damage on a wall for no extra charge. We are hoping to have them back soon to paint our doors and woodwork not included in the original project. I recommend this company highly! 

Lynn Barr

14106 Arcadia Rd Ne Albuquerque, Nm 87123
This was one of the best services I have gotten from Angie's list.  The painter was courteous, prompt, clean and thorough.  I had him paint the ceilings along with the walls.  He removed items so that the painting could be done correctly.  I was removing an old TV that he helped me with, using the correct tools.   He worked for 8 hours and said that to do it properly it needed a second coat of the colored walls.  I asked him if he could come quickly as I had out of town guests coming.  He came back 2 days later to do the second coat and squeezed me in before another job.  The job was great and the cut edges on the painting are beautiful. Definitely an A+ job. 

Marcia Dragefr

7601 Morrow Ne Albuquerque, Nm 87110
We were very pleased with every step of the process.  Ricardo, the owner of the company, came to give us an estimate the same day that I contacted him.  The price he quoted was very reasonable and we gave him the deposit that day.  Because it was a small job, he was able to do it the next week.  Sometimes both he and Cesar were here, sometimes Cesar worked alone.  They both did an excellent job and we are very happy with the results. 

Marcos Abeyta

2617 Floral Rd Nw Albuquerque, Nm 87104
If you want the craftsmanship, care, and quality of a Picasso, then this is your guy. You can see every brush stoke meticulously applied with Mona Lisa like precision. However, if you just want your walls painted and not a Mona Lisa, then this service provider is not for you.

Marcy Smith

39 Vista Larga Pl Ne Rio Rancho, Nm 87124
It was great! They were on time, punctual every day, and completed the job in the time specified. The painter was pleasant, very professional, and did a great job. There was very little clean up. He moved furniture as needed. (We emptied furniture pieces and took down paintings, etc.) I am very happy and would highly recommend this service to anyone needing to have their house painted.

Margaret Bishop

1411 Plaza Sonada N.w. Albuquerque, Nm 87107
All want as agreed. Painter showed up timely and Ricardo checked in as needed.

Margaret Bishop

1411 Plaza Sonada N.w. Albuquerque, Nm 87107
Caesar did an excellent job. He is fast, accurate and clean.